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Responsibility in the being: collective reflection on individual experiences, challenges and practices related to anthropological responsibility, in the field and beyond 
Mayssa Rekhis (University of Gothenburg)
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Thursday 1 April, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

A space of collective reflection and peer learning, diving into our experiences in relation to responsibility, towards our informants, the communities we work with, the field, etc.., sharing the challenges we faced, the practices we engaged in, and thinking about what we would like to do differently

Long Abstract:

This lab will be an open space, where we will reflect on and discuss about our individual experiences dealing with responsibility; our responsibility as researchers, human beings, witnesses, collaborators, in the different phases of our research projects: choosing the topics we work with, writing proposals, accessing the field, the relationships in the field, the writing and the publishing and dissemination phases.

We will start by sharing the challenges and dilemmas we faced, our un-ease sometimes, and the bad experiences, but then, we will also share the "solutions" we found, the ways we created, the practices we engaged in, that seemed to us to be the answers, and what we wanted to do instead.

The second part of the laboratory will be dedicated to a facilitated collective thinking about the future of anthropology in terms of responsibility, what a responsible anthropologist should be like, and what tools shall we be equipped with.

One of the outcomes of the laboratory, will be a collective-map, made of the main parts and themes of the lab put together and shared with all participants for further reference. If there is an interest, the lab can be the start of a longer discussion.

There is no need to prepare anything in advance, it is enough to be open for sharing, discussing, thinking collectively and learning from each others' experiences.