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Inclusion and exclusion in innovation: performing real-life encounters with emerging technologies 
Roxana Moro┼čanu Firth (Capita)
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UEA Drama Studio (DRA 0.01)
Wednesday 4 September, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This lab will stimulate discussions on participation and diversity in innovation. It will use movement and performance methods, inspired by contact improvisation and forum theatre, to explore experiences of repression and empowerment brought about by the normalization of new computing technologies. Preregistration form (copy this link to your browser):

Long Abstract:

Algorithms that rank people on their purchases and spending power. Minuscule observation and war machines controlled remotely. Life-size automated cars that require purpose-built roads. Speech-recognition software that cannot understand dialects and struggles with foreign accents and female voices. Who are emerging technologies for? When did we agree to invest all resources - economic, energetic and creative - into giving material form to well-off white men's desires, with little or no consideration of alternative imaginaries?

This lab aims to stimulate discussion about current approaches in technology development, and their effects. Specifically, it looks at situations when new technologies give rise to repression, feelings of exclusion and constraint; or empowerment, participation and inclusion. Participants are invited to contribute their own experiences and ethnographic learnings. These contributions will inspire performative pieces developed by working in groups. The lab takes a playful approach, using movement and performance methods inspired by contact improvisation, forum theatre and ethnodrama.

This workshop is limited to 15 participants. Comfortable clothes should be worn because the lab involves standing up and activity. Arrangements can be made for participants with special requirements - get in touch to let us know. If weather allows, the workshop will take place outdoors.