Ethico-digital relationships amid uncertain futures: mobile technologies, ethical reproduction, and uncertainty 
Claire Moll Namas (London School of Economics)
Danny Cardoza (University of Cambridge)
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Identities and Subjectivities
Julian Study Centre 2.02
Friday 6 September, 9:00-10:30 (UTC+0)

Short Abstract:

Uncertain futures are sometimes navigated by ethics and values, which are generationally reproduced, forming ethical relationships. Mobile technologies have dislocated ethical relationships to digital spaces. This panel explores how new ethico-digital relationships shape uncertainty in the future.

Long Abstract

Around the world people navigate how to live ethical lives while facing everchanging, uncertain futures. These ethical relationships are complex and multivariate, involving scores of actors within ranging ethical networks that work to reproduce ethics and values. With the widespread introduction of mobile computing--including smartphones and mobile internet access--around the world, many of these ethical relationships have been dislocated to digital spaces, even within the most marginalized populations. For some, ethical-cum-digital relationships have become fraught as mobile technological assemblages intervene into past modes of transmitting ethics and values, while for others these digital forms of ethical relationality have facilitated ethical reproduction.

This panel explores two types of ethico-digital relationships of people facing uncertain futures: "digital interventions" which imply a sort of discontinuous relationship with the ethical past and "digital engagements" which suggest the reproduction of past ethical relationships.

We invite papers that explore the following questions: Do mobile technologies make uncertain futures more uncertain? Or, do these technologies provide avenues of solace in the face of the uncertainty? Are ethical lives being reimagined and values being reorganized around these digital interventions? Or, are digital engagements streamlining the ways in which ethics and values are reproduced?

Accepted papers: