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Fractal time: thinking through utopian futures 
Sonja Dobroski (University of Manchester)
Laura Roe (University of St Andrews)
Holly Warner (University of St Andrews)
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Marilyn Strathern (Cambridge University)
Michael W. Scott (London School of Economics)
The Future of 'Traditional' Art Practices and Knowledge
Elizabeth Fry 01.02
Wednesday 4 September, -, -, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This panel employs the concept of fractal time as an analytical tool to think through complex temporalities. We see fractal time as both autonomous and multifarious. We invite papers that consider a wide spectrum of perspectives on fractal temporality and utopian futures.

Long Abstract:

Fractality has been a helpful analytical tool in thinking through a variety of socio-cultural milieu. From Haraways' (1986) Cyborg Manifesto that works toward a fractal view of the telos to Eglash's (1999) analysis of fractal geometry evidenced in Indigenous design, science, and materiality. This panel seeks to establish a theoretical view of time as fractal and explore its application to a wide variety of ethnographic contexts. Following Michael Scott's (2014) reading of fractality as "intrinsically multiple, yet always already autonomous," we propose a concept of time as fractal; encompassing, but not limited to; linear, nonlinear, and cyclical notions of time in an almost kaleidoscopic imagining. How then do we understand and make sense of imagined Utopian futures?

This panel calls for papers that use fractal time as an analytical tool to produce insights into global challenges. How does a view of fractal time challenge and inform political discord in relation to imagined national futures? What role does fractal time play in an imagined decolonial future? We also invite papers that consider fractal time as a modality of self-making, material, technological or otherwise.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Wednesday 4 September, 2019, -