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The artistic imagination in ruptured landscapes 
Jonathan Miles-Watson (Durham University)
Manpreet Kaur (Columbia University)
Arts and Aesthetics Lecture Hall No. 003, SAA-II
Start time:
6 April, 2012 at
Time zone: Asia/Kolkata
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Short Abstract:

The panel explores the way that landscape ruptures (caused by global flows of people, products and ideas) are healed through the performative outpourings of the artistic imagination.

Long Abstract:

Global flows of people, products and ideas can be seen to cause tension within traditional cultural systems, potentially resulting in the formation of ruptures, which disconnect the present from the past. In this panel we are interested in the way that the arts (when taken in their broadest sense) can heal these ruptures. We seek to explore the ways that performative outpourings of the artistic imagination enter into the weave of contemporary landscape formation. In particular we are interested in ethnographic accounts of the way that these processes result in the generation of coping mechanisms against the traumas of globalization. The issues here cluster around several wider themes, which are themselves vitalized by this specific exploration, these include, but are not limited to, the reaction of the artistic imagination to postcolonial landscape transformation, artistic practices in the landscape of the megacity and the transformative power of artistic landscapes.

Accepted papers:

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