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Everyday adventures in being: experiencing the city and landscape 
Andrew Irving (University of Manchester)
Series G: Landscapes
GCG08, then Henry Thomas Room
Start time:
11 April, 2007 at 14:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Four papers and a film that consider walking and fieldwork as performative practices through which new landscapes are encountered by the traveller/anthropologist. Each paper involves a change in perception related to the environment the traveller finds themselves in, and then like the traveller, goes in a different direction

Long Abstract

Four papers and a film that tread a different path including the political, the phenomenological, the confessional, the ironic, the historical, the poetic and the macabre.

Briefly, Jonathan Skinner's paper involves the strangeness of re-visiting his fieldwork site of Montserrat after volcanic eruption changed the entire landscape and economy; Nigel Rapport is walking around Auschwitz on a package tour, himself as a Jewish person, and making connections between the different kinds of journeys made by those who walked on the same ground many years ago; Atreyee Sen suggests that 'S' words in the anthropology of tourism, sun, sex, sea, sights and sand, perhaps need to incorporate further slaughter, sleaze and salvation. Her paper explores voyeuristic walking tours of slums for 'foreners' in her home city of Calcutta. Sarah Pink discusses how the sensory sociality of walking, photographing, and audio and video recording in collaboration with research participants, can offer insights into place-as-ethnographic knowledge and practices of the imagination.

Patrick Keiller is a film-maker rather than an anthropologist and Session Two has him showing and discussing of his internationally acclaimed and multiple award winning "Robinson in Space", which is a C21st recreation of Daniel Defoe's Tour through the Whole Island of Great Britain (1724 -26). The critique of contemporary urban and rural experience outlined in Robinson in Space and its counterpart London has developed into a navigable DVD which assembles 67 early topographical actuality films as a virtual landscape of circa 1900 and a planned research project The Future of Landscape and the Moving Image which addresses the production of landscape and images of landscape in terms of mobility, belonging/displacement and current and anticipated future economic change.

Accepted papers: