Accepted Paper:

Governing social relations internationally: the legal management of conflict  
Yael Navaro (University of Cambridge)

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Paper long abstract:

This paper ethnographically studies 'conflict resolution' initiatives in Cyprus led by the United Nations and other international bodies. Involving both 'local' and 'global' actors as agents operating on the same plane, conflict resolution projects and 'bi-communal' initiatives have been considered and enstaged as models of and for social relations among Turkish- and Greek-Cypriots in a future-projected peace. This paper studies this performance of social relations in bi-communal gatherings among activists from members of communities deemed to be 'in conflict' with one another. It then studies the Annan Plan proposed by the United Nations for the resolution of the Cyprus problem. Conclusions are drawn about the management and legal codification of 'local' social relations on a 'global'/international scale.

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Connecting peace and violence: zones, transgressions and causes