Claudine Young (Aberystwyth University)
Room 4
Start time:
15 September, 2011 at 9:00 (UTC+0)
Session slots:

Short Abstract:

This panel looks at the relationships between humans and animals, crime and deviance. The relationships are examined within diverse social contexts through themes of dominance and subordination, power, control and authoritarianism, nature and culture, capitalism, emotions and anthropomorphism.

Long Abstract:

This interdisciplinary panel focuses upon the complex relationships between humans, animals, crime and deviance, and includes a variety of theoretical approaches and concepts taken from psychology, sociology, criminology and anthropology. Perspectives relating to both perpetrators and victims of crime are explored through diverse economic and social contexts ranging from capitalism and the farming industry to therapy or rehabilitation settings. Within the arena of crime and deviance, animals themselves can be situated in either positions of power or subordination, and even sometimes both simultaneously. This panel presents a set of papers which aims to facilitate and inspire discussion around issues of cruelty and abuse, prejudice, dominance and subordination, power and control, authoritarianism, nature and culture, animals' place in industry and capitalism, and emotions and anthropomorphism.

Accepted papers: