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Using the Past to Envision the Future (I): Experiencing Crafting, Craftivism and & the Environment through the creation of Mourning Accessories 
Verena Winiwarter (Austrian Academy of Sciences)
Julie Sze
Scott Braun
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Anna Svensson (Institution of History of Science and Ideas, Uppsala University)
Britta Fluevog (Transart Institute Liverpool John Moores University)
Creativity, Sensibility, Experience, and Expression
Room 6
Wednesday 21 August, -
Time zone: Europe/Helsinki
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Short Abstract:

This workshop provides an introduction to craft activism, embodied knowledge and artistic research. Participants will also create mourning accessories to move through their environmental destruction grief allowing them to better use the past to envision the future.

Long Abstract:

Human action has intervened into the biophysical world for millennia. Environmental historians have been particularly close observers of these processes, giving due respect to entanglements and complexities. Many have a close relation to nature as persons, some also as crafters or environmental activists. The workshops are a place to share craft(ivism) stories and by creating a piece of “jewelry of loss and compassion” to connect the global community.

Convenors open the workshop with short presentations of their own craft(ivism) experience.. Introducing “Knitting for Peace” (VW), “Botanical Memorials” (AS) and “Protest Textiles” (BF) The idea of embodied knowledge and objects as a method of knowledge carrying is presented. A Q& A session will lead into discussion of participants' experience in activism and in craft creation.

Participants are invited to bring small nature and/or personal items that will be used to create an accessory of loss. These pins and mourning jewelry can be worn throughout the conference, be disseminated virtually and travel the world to facilitate a larger conversation of environmental loss. This expression of loss will open up space for using the past to envision the future.

Requirements: tables for crafting; a non-lecture hall room; projector; wifi; cheap jewelry supplies of pin backs, earring hoops, barrette clips; and common crafting materials such as scissors, glue, paint and yarn. To be held on first day of sessions

Active participation limited to 25 persons.

Accepted contributions:

Session 1 Wednesday 21 August, 2024, -