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More-than-human archives 
Alessandro Rippa (University of Oslo)
Huiying Ng (Rachel Carson Center, LMU Munich)
Jessica Clendenning
Julie Sze
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Roger Norum (University of Oulu)
Human and More than Human (and Microbial)
Room 13
Thursday 22 August, -, Friday 23 August, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Helsinki
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Short Abstract:

At the heart of the traditional archive lies the inclination to hold something still. A more-than-human archive cannot hold still, or be held still: it is in a state of constant unsettling; rather than inviting a fixed gaze, it invites a spreading, sensorial receptiveness.

Long Abstract:

Scholars across the humanities and social sciences have troubled commonsensical understandings of the archive as a site of knowledge retrieval and extractive activity, arguing instead that they be studied as a locus of engaged critical research. Archives are both source and subject, thing and practice - but can also be objects of inquiry about the epistemologies and methodologies of knowledge production that utilise them. Archives should ultimately be addressed and understood as embedded within manifold social and material relations, both as repositories for specific knowledge, practices and imaginaries, and as points of departure from which to inspire new visions, worlds and futures.

This workshop is an attempt to think together through the potential of what we tentatively call a “more-than-human archive.” We aim to bring together scholars, practitioners, and artists working through different materials, objects, and epistemologies to disrupt anthropocentric approaches to data collection, to research and to so-called “knowledge production.” We encourage a more-than-human orientation so as to recognise objects not as dead or stable matter, and people not as projects of governance; instead, to see these as constituents of multispecies and ecological assemblages.

We ask participants to bring to the workshop some thing (an object, living being, text, sound, image, etc.) that in their research functions as an archive, of sorts. We will share a brief concept note in advance, and ask participants to speak briefly about how what they bring connects with the notion of more-than-human archives.

Accepted contributions:

Session 1 Thursday 22 August, 2024, -
Session 2 Friday 23 August, 2024, -
Session 3 Friday 23 August, 2024, -