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Reading, listening, and reading. A collective walk on how we read and listen to the environment, history, and each other [REGISTRATION required, see email below] 
Max Bautista Perpinyà (UCLouvain)
Alicia Jeannin (Independent researcher, Artist)
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Creativity, Sensibility, Experience, and Expression
Room 4
Thursday 22 August, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Helsinki
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Short Abstract:

To participate in the collective walk (lasting circa 30', two sessions per slot) we ask you to register in advance. Attendance is limited. Email us to

Long Abstract:

‘reading, listening, and reading’ is an interactive installation in the form of a collective walk around sound devices. Participants will hear, read, and re-activate the voices of colleagues in environmental history (and neighbouring fields) speaking of their practices of reading and listening. We will hear how they read a source, read a colleague’s book, actively listen to a witness, or read changes and conflicts in the landscape.

With this artistic installation, we wanted to bring out some of the most intimate practices of research –reading and listening– into the forefront for a collective discussion; and explore how these very personal practices mediate our readings of environmental and historical change. The material and bodily dimensions of reading and listening –how our bodies interact with the archive, the smell of centuries-old paper– are also central to our installation. The collection of voices is embedded in a mixed-media dispositif: voices, texts, images, and diagrams will serve to create a warm and sensorial space throughout a walk.

This installation has been developed by Brussels-based duo: Alicia Jeannin (spoken-word audiovisual artist, performer and scenographer) and Max Bautista Perpinyà (PhD student in the history of science), and has been a proof of concept on how artistic practices can serve as methodologies in the ambition to re-think how we share our research beyond conventional academic formats.

Attendance is limited to 48 people. Please register:

'reading, listening, and reading' has been awarded the European Union’s Culture Moves Europe mobility grant.

Accepted contributions:

Session 1 Thursday 22 August, 2024, -