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Accepted Paper:

Frozen reduplication in Gizey  
Guillaume Guitang (Université libre de Bruxelles (ULB))


reduplication, frozen reduplicative, Proto-Masa, phonological doubling, morphological niche

Paper long abstract:

I describe frozen reduplicatives in Gizey in comparison with other languages of the Masa branch (Chadic < Afroasiatic). The aim of the presentation is to provide insights into the patterns and functions of reduplication as it occurred at the time those frozen or vestigial reduplicatives were formed, i.e., probably in Proto-Masa. I analyse *CV- reduplication in Masa as a phonological doubling, which compensates the loss of the segmental material of a now obsolete prefix (*mV-). I then show that a considerable number of frozen total reduplicatives in Gizey derive from a shift from Proto-Masa *CV- reduplication to total reduplication (*CV-red > TOTAL-red) under the influence of a morphological niche consisting of pre-existing ideophonic/onomatopoeic total reduplicatives. Residues of ancient partial reduplicative processes are also considered.

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