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African Sign Languages 3 
Marco Stanley Nyarko (University of Ghana)
Wednesday 9 June, 16:00-18:00 (UTC+2)

Short Abstract:

This five-day workshop (plus the HANDS! Festival) is the fifth consecutive one dedicated to African sign languages at WOCAL. The workshop at WOCAL10 will feature around 30 presentations, both 5-minute and 15-minute presentations. Papers on the following themes are featured: African sign languages in use: across borders and in the classroom (Monday); Lexical variation and new methods (Tuesday); Documentation and language comparison (Wednesday); Language origins and language of expression (Thursday); African sign languages and deaf students in the classroom (Friday); and Sentential structure and processing (Friday). Research is presented on sign languages and/or signers from 15 different African countries, as well as diaspora and refugee communities. The workshop will be accessible in both English and International Sign (African-oriented IS). The workshop closes on Saturday, June 12th with the HANDS!Festival featuring the work of deaf artists from various parts of Africa. Interpretation in International Sign by Lissa Zeviar and Leonida Kaula, and live text captioning by Daniel Tuijnman.

Accepted papers: