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Creative knowledge production and alternative approaches in African Studies 
Sindi-Leigh McBride (University of Basel)
Julia Rensing (University of Basel)
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African Studies
Room 1224
Friday 10 June, -
Time zone: Europe/Berlin

Short Abstract:

This panel explores creative approaches to key discourses of critical relevance in African Studies: decoloniality; gender and race; and environmentalism. Scholars, curators, artists, and activists are brought into conversation to engage new interstices of knowledge production in African Studies.

Long Abstract:

This panel engages with key discourses that are increasingly relevant in and to African Studies and brings together scholars, curators, artists, and activists to explore new interstices of knowledge production. Directing attention to critical events and developments on the continent, invited speakers will present alternative methodologies and strategies for accessing discourses on (1) decoloniality (2) race and gender (3) environmentalism. The panel investigates interdisciplinary modes of inquiry for navigating power asymmetries and the epistemic constraints that have hindered the field to date. As an introduction, conveners McBride and Rensing reflect on ways of reading art as data for analysis in teaching African Studies, with contributions from artists Tuli Mekondjo (Namibia), Lady Skollie (South Africa) and Nandipha Mntambo (Eswatini/South Africa).

The panel aspires to generate a platform for interdisciplinary shared learning between artists, academics, curators and activists on alternative modes of knowledge production, allowing for an inclusive debate on developing opportunities to enrich African Studies via curatorial strategies, contemporary art and creative methodologies.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 10 June, 2022, -