Accepted Paper:

Border crossing in contemporary Brazilian literature  


Cimara Valim de Melo (King's College London; IFRS)

Paper short abstract:

This paper analyses contemporary Brazilian literature in order to present which directions it has taken and how it has broadened time-space horizons and expanded its own borders in the 21st century. It includes cases which show Brazilian novel transits in a broad range of perspectives.

Paper long abstract:

Regarding the multiplicity and flexibility of the Brazilian literature in the Latin American cultural scene, we seek to investigate the process of the internationalization of the Brazilian novel in the 21st century, by analyzing how it has broadened time-space horizons and it has developed beyond the country boundaries. For that, we view some cases which show the contemporary Brazilian literature in a broad range of perspectives focusing on the novel as a genre. Firstly, we look into the literary project called "Amores Expressos"[Express Loves], led by Companhia das Letras publishing House since 2007, which has taken sixteen Brazilian writers to different cities in the world, in order to produce literary works by matching the visited place and the project theme. Secondly, we investigate the reception of the Brazilian literature in the United Kingdom through the study of the following selected corpus: the anthology Babel Guide to Brazilian Fiction (2001); the issue 121 of the Granta: Magazine of new writing, entitled The best of Young Brazilian novelists (2012); the literary festival Flipside (2013) and the anthology published at that event, called Other carnivals: new stories from Brazil. Observing the transits of the novelists throughout the globe, the reception of the Brazilian literature in United Kingdom and the relations between art and literary market in Brazil, we intend to provoke some reflections on the Brazilian culture in the light of the 21st century.

Panel P32
Literature and other arts in contemporary Brazil: a (cross)cultural review