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Interspecies relations in contexts of climate and ecosystem uncertainty 
Sarah Whitaker (University of Turin)
Elisabetta Dall'Ò (University of Turin)
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Elisabetta Dall'Ò (University of Turin)
Sarah Whitaker (University of Turin)
Saturday 10 June, -
Time zone: Europe/Prague

Short Abstract:

This session will examine the interconnections between the human and the non-human in contexts of environmental and climate uncertainty.

Long Abstract:

Climate and ecosystem changes of recent decades have laid bare the deep interconnections and interdependencies (Koinocene Age) that exist between humans and the environment (Haraway 2008, Descola 2017, Favole 2021). In this panel, we will examine how the uncertainty generated by ongoing climate and environmental changes is affecting interspecies relations. The session aims to give agency both to humans and non-humans in understanding mutual influence and adaptation.

We are therefore looking for papers that explore the interconnections between humans and non-humans in contexts of climate and ecosystem uncertainty.

Possible topics include:

(1) examples of how non-human elements of the environment are responding to uncertainty (e.g. climatic animal and plant migrations)

(2) micro-scale contextualized examples of sentinels of climate and ecosystem change and human understandings of the messages these sentinels are sending

(3) examples of how human lives are interconnected with those of non-human elements of the environment in ways that are being affected by climate and ecosystem change (e.g. agro-pastoral systems, beekeeping, hunting, etc.)

(4) multispecies relationships under conditions of change (e.g. loss of territory, disasters)

(5) adaptation (both positive and negative) to uncertainty across scales

(6) the ways human responses to uncertainty are affecting non-human elements of the environment, and vice versa

(7) examples of what non-human response to uncertainty can teach us about possible ways forward in contexts of change

The session will be divided into a series of presentations followed by a roundtable discussion in which participants will develop ideas for a publication on the topic.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Saturday 10 June, 2023, -