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Let's get lost! Exploring the cityscape of Brno without using our smartphones 
Florian Grundmüller (University of Göttingen)
Noa Miro (The Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
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Urban studies
Saturday 10 June, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Prague

Short Abstract:

In this workshop, we will go on an hour-long unguided city tour in Brno in small groups. Using postcards as triggers for exploring the cityscape without our smartphones to guide us. We will collect souvenirs from our journey and share them at a joint meeting, reflecting on our experiences.

Long Abstract:

On the unguided city tour (Sontag 1979) of Brno, groups of 2-3 people will find their way to a designated spot depicted and\or described on postcards without digital aids. During the tour, we gather impressions, sensations, and ephemera as souvenirs and mementos of our journey (for example soundscapes, photos, notes, sketches, found objects, etc.) (Lindner 1990).

In the second part, we'll meet at the selected spot and share our impressions and souvenirs (on souvenirs: see Steward 2007). We will reflect on our experience of moving around the city without relying on our smartphones. How did moments of getting lost engender uncertainties? What kind of uncertainties did we experience? How did they e\affect us? What insights can we take away from "getting lost"?

Nowadays, experiencing space is rather limited since our trips are mostly mediated by technology that guides us through cityscapes. Thus, our workshop aims at re-enacting moments of uncertainty by getting lost on the way (Solnit 2005).

Maximum participants: 12

Participants need notepads, recording devices, and/or a camera.

NO PAPER PROPOSALS: In your contribution, please write 3-10 sentences describing your research interests and motivation to participate in the workshop. Please do not send an abstract for a paper, as this is NOT a panel!

Participants number is limited. We will secure spots based on "first come, first served"

Accepted contributions:

Session 1 Saturday 10 June, 2023, -