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Living in the smart home: redesigning power dynamics through domestic space digitalization [Space-lore and Place-lore] 
Nina Fárová (Institute of Sociology, Czech Academy of Sciences)
Blanka Nyklova (Institute of Sociology of the Czech Academy of Sciences)
Sandra Frydrysiak (University of Lodz)
Julia Gruhlich (University of Göttingen)
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Digital lives
Friday 9 June, -
Time zone: Europe/Prague

Short Abstract:

The panel explores how digitalisation impacts domestic space. It examines what happens to home when it becomes smart/er, explores what "smartness" of and at home means, and addresses the consequences of home smartening. Special emphasis is placed on redesigning power dynamics in the smart home.

Long Abstract:

Home has long been defined by dichotomies such as outside and inside, public and private, work and care, masculine and feminine, human and non-human. The digital transformation of home reworks these dichotomies and their corollary power dynamics, especially since smartening up has intensified in the fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic. This panel investigates how home has been transformed by digitalization, and with what consequences in relation to 1) the understanding of (smart) home, 2) the ways (smart) home as a place of dwelling is imagined, planned and designed, and 3) its everyday forms as practised and experienced.

Contributors are invited to explore how 'smartening-up' of homes fuels societal transformations. Technologization and digitalization substantially challenge established household routines, dislocate usual equilibriums of work / care / leisure, as well as foster significant revisions of the content of such notions as the personal, the private, and the public, generating significant impact on the existing (e.g., gender-, age-, class-based) inequalities that reflect diffuse power dynamics.

This panel calls for contributions focused on smart home as an intricate nexus of a panoply of technologies and devices intended to facilitate everyday life; Specifically, we are interested in exploring uncertainties stemming from challenges the smart home poses to dichotomies, such as feminine/masculine, private/public, work/care, human/non-human, freedom/control.

We welcome discussions on topics including, but not limited to:

- how to research the transforming smart home

- how have smart homes been imagined (arts and popular culture)

- what uncertainties does smart home generate (gender and social inequalities)

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 9 June, 2023, -