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Crafting knowledge and creative material practices 
Jaana Saarikoski (University of Turku)
Anna Rauhala (University of Helsinki)
Maija Mäki (University of Turku)
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Archives, Museums, Material Culture
Thursday 8 June, -, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Prague

Short Abstract:

How creative usage of materials supports survival and e.g. sustainable development? How crafting is active communication or a participatory way to influence our societies? Is crafting part of your research method? In this panel, we dig into various aspects of tacit knowledge, materiality and crafts.

Long Abstract:

A craft process as creative practice has many uncertainties. No matter how well the process is planned, materiality can work out in unexpected ways and the end result can be something unpredictable. However, when crafter uses tacit knowledge and lets materiality guide the process, new ways of making can be created. Sometimes allowing oneself to make mistakes is crucial for creating new ways of thinking and doing.

Crafting is also an effective process. During difficult times, e.g. a pandemic, war and shortage periods, people have found survival strategies and methods to use materials in innovative ways. Crafting can be used as a method of handling emotionally hard reality. Craft making may lead to a more comprehensive understanding about materials and even survival and success in life but also to a fuller understanding of our research topics. Recycling, self-sufficiency and the do-it-yourself attitude are effective and essential factors, as well as creative statements in the time of accelerating climate change and Anthropocene.

In this panel, we are asking what kind of creative methods have been experimented, invented and found useful either in the material processes of communities and individuals or in the field of material research itself. Moreover, how have these innovations and different kinds of hand skills in various contexts influenced our societies and everyday life? Furthermore, how does crafting affect our emotions and values? We are looking for exciting and experimental examples from history and the present, but we are also curious to contemplate the possibilities of the future.

Accepted papers:

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