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Contested futures? Sustainability conflicts and local practices in the age of global uncertainty 
Maria Vallstrom (Södertörn university)
Hubert Wierciński (Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology)
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Saturday 10 June, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Prague

Short Abstract:

Globalization has led to the proliferation of “known unknowns” where we’re aware of how spatially and temporally displaced processes have unforeseen consequences on everyday life. The panel aims to examine experiences and cultural practices that emerge from living with environmental unpredictability

Long Abstract:

Following the call for complex studies on risk, crises, and resistance, this panel aims to discuss sociocultural experiences and responses to uncertainty in the age of the “second modernity”. While the world have always been uncertain, globalization, medialization, and digitalization have caused Rumsfeldian “known unknowns” to profilerate, where we´re increasingly aware of how spatially and temporally displaced processes are having unforeseeable consequences on everyday life. The covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and current energy, economic, and environmental crises are but a few of the instances where the ripple effects of global developments are being experienced locally – preparing the ground for conflicting future imaginaries of what a sustainable life entails.

We invite researchers ready to examine cultural practices, experiences, and knowledge emerging from managing and interpreting the landscape of global and future uncertainties. What consequences do present-day disasters of s climate change have on local communities? How do solutions affect these same communities, and what negotiations are needed to establish more sustainable development in social and economic terms, while still respecting the ecological frames we all have to adjust to?

How can these negotiations be addressed in terms of preservation, preparation, and resilience in everyday life? What tensions exist between global needs and NIMBY explanations? How is the future articulated as a contested object, along the lines of rural-urban, periphery–center, local-global? Consequently, in this panel we would like to shed light on matters concerning local sustainability, heritage, and power relations in times marked environmental, social and economic unpredictability.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Saturday 10 June, 2023, -
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