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Funeral rituals 
Olga Nešporová (Institute of Ethnology, Czech Academy of Sciences)
Aleksandra Pavicevic (Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts)
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Performativity and ritual
Friday 9 June, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Prague

Short Abstract:

The panel focuses on funeral ritual practices and their meaning both in the past and present in various cultures. We will discuss how funeral rituals help individuals and communities to cope with uncertainty and whether and how funeral rituals reflect ideological, political and other specifics.

Long Abstract:

Funerary rites have a wide range of functions and meanings, of which the central purpose is to bury the dead, accompanied by securing a good future for the deceased and comforting the bereaved. Papers that focus on changes in funerary practices over time are welcome, as are those that describe specific customs and practices at certain points in time. What exactly helps to reduce the uncertainty posed by death? How has this changed over time, and how do such rites differ between various groups in societies, communities and subgroups? What form did funerary rites take in the 20th century? What profound changes took place under communist rule in Eastern and central European countries? Which new trends in funerary practices have developed in the early 21st century? How have attitudes to death and last rites changed as a consequence of the Covid-19 pandemic? We expect to answer at least some of these questions. The panel is expected to bring together scholars from various countries, thus providing an ideal opportunity to compare practices across different locations, cultures, societies and groups.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 9 June, 2023, -
Session 2 Friday 9 June, 2023, -