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Zavrt'sa ně cérečko - Moravian folklore on Czech National Radio 
Barbora Turčanová (Masaryk University)
Laura Kolačkovská (The Academy of Performing Arts in Prague)
Jaroslav Kneisl (Czech Radio)
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Knowledge Production
Saturday 10 June, -
Time zone: Europe/Prague

Short Abstract:

Czech Radio Brno has played an important role in recording, preserving and presenting the forms of traditional folk culture in Moravia. In the building of this institution we will show you radio work with folk culture and teach you the original folk dance - vrtěná.

Long Abstract:

The manifestations of traditional folk culture have a particularly strong position in Moravia, the capital of which is Brno. These expressions are original, many of them traditional and collectively normalized for tens and hundreds of years. Specific expressions are often the subject of interest for students of the Institute of European Ethnology, which contributes to their recording, analysis and thus to the expansion of our knowledge. Many successful researchers in the field of traditional folk culture come from Masaryk University. Many of them have also worked in the Czech Radio Brno. This institution had and still has an influence on Moravian folklore - it records it, processes it and presents it to the general public. These processes have changed over time, as have the important personalities who have worked there. We would like to focus this workshop on the introduction of Czech Radio Brno and its role in the field of folklore.

In the second part of the workshop, we would like to give the participants an experience of Moravia first-hand - to the musical accompaniment of a folk band, we will teach them the couple dance vrtěná. We would also like to involve the students of the Institute of European Ethnology - either as musicians or as dancers in traditional folk costumes from various localities in Moravia.

The event is suitable for 30 participants. It will take place in the building of the Czech Radio Brno, Beethovenova 4 (15 minutes walk from the Faculty of Arts)

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