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Healthcare in the margins: alternative spaces of care and lay action against uncertainty 
Eva Jörgensen (University of Iceland)
Muriel Lamarque (Sheffield Hallam University)
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Health and Medicine
Friday 9 June, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Prague

Short Abstract:

This panel aims to explore liminal healthcare actions of marginalised groups and the way people seek care within alternative therapeutic spaces to counteract standing inequalities in times of uncertainty.

Long Abstract:

The drawing of borders between regions, groups, and people has increased in recent years as a result of crises in public health. The marginalization of some people over others remains the basic rule dictated by the logic of political economic value as it is applied to bodies.

In an environment of growing limits and uncertainty, health is one of the categories where vulnerability becomes critical, affecting people's ability to obtain, enjoy, and sustain basic levels of well-being. At various stages of life, barriers based on economic, legal, ethnic, racialized, and gender-related factors, among others, limit equal access to healthcare, health rights, safety, and impact risk navigation.

Nevertheless, despite such disadvantaged situations, people and communities constantly look for methods to traverse the periphery, relying on informal coping strategies and various forms of socio-cultural capital to address marginalization. How do groups deal with the obstacles placed in their way of receiving institutional or mainstream healthcare? How do they advocate for themselves? What alternative therapeutic approaches are people using to improve their sense of health and well-being? How do people describe and express their physical and social pain?

Especially from a lay standpoint, this panel seeks papers that explore alternative spaces within the context of health. The following are some suggested topics: Embodied experiences of liminality, alternative therapeutic settings as tools for navigating health inequalities, performative activities as health interventions, or lived experiences during times of medical uncertainty. Other submissions that address liminal spaces of healthcare are also welcome.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 9 June, 2023, -
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