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(Re)attachment to place as a form of resistance I 
Sarah Craycraft (Indiana University)
Petya Dimitrova (Sofia University)
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Monday 21 June, -
Time zone: Europe/Helsinki

Short Abstract:

This panel explores (re)attachment to place as a form of resistance, to better understand "counter-progressive" lifestyle choices and the renegotiations such choices necessitate. We also address the dialectic between moving and staying. How might "staying put" and moving be forms of resistance?

Long Abstract:

Progress is often conflated with urbanization, globalization, and the pursuit of affluence and security, in which the idea of uprooting and replanting oneself in an urban space is a presumed solution to marginality and precarity. Yet, the neoliberal model of progress often obscures other reasons for claiming a place as home. Why do people choose to make homes in fraught landscapes or places that transgress normative narratives of a progressive lifestyle? What are the forms of expression that result from reimagined attachments to place?

This panel seeks to explore (re)attachment to place as a form of resistance. We wish to discuss frameworks for understanding why a person may choose a lifestyle which is deemed counter-progressive, as well as the renegotiation such a choice might necessitate. Further, we are interested in the dialectic between leaving and staying - how might staying and moving be understood as forms of resistance which work similarly to claim a new self-narrative and relationship to institutions and power, through a redefined attachment to place?

We welcome papers that explore the ideas of home, place, sustainability, and place-making "against the grain," so to speak, and especially those papers which seek to explore the relationship between lifestyle and place as a speak-back to power. Further, we would welcome papers that explore the aesthetic and creative forms of resistance communities use to (re)frame and (re)negotiate the meaning of 'home' amongst the fraught decision to stay put or move on from their places of attachment.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Monday 21 June, 2021, -