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Post-human rules: local practices, global sports, animal rights movements and the sense of co-being 
Letizia Bindi (Università degli Studi del Molise)
Nora Schuurman (University of Turku)
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Gala Argent (Animals Society Institute)
Monday 21 June, 14:00-15:45 (UTC+3)

Short Abstract:

The panel focuses on the notion of agency and the consequent rules and protocols about human-animal relationships in controversial contexts such as traditional local practices, global/national sport competitions, and leisure behaviors involving the cooperation with / use of animals.

Long Abstract

The panel focuses on a radical critique of the notion of agency and the consequent shift in defining rules and protocols to deal with human-animal relationships in controversial contexts such as traditional local practices, but also global/national sport competitions as well as leisure behaviors and trends involving the cooperation/use of animals. Strictly founded on ethnographic studies, the panel aims at discussing: which kind of agency is today addressed and defined in human/animal relationships? which type of assertivity and sensibility are represented in the debate between traditional practices or sports events involving animals? Which type of activist movements are presently fighting against any kind of animal exploitation basing on sentient being definition and legal agency recognition of animals? The clash between different approaches to human-animal co-being imposes today the reconsideration of limits of the subjectivity, the redefinition of the anthropocentric thought about nature and animal management and control, touching some of the most radical limits of the anthropological thought and practice, reconsidering the notions of respect, compassion and culture/nature interaction.

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