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Accepted Paper:

Building cultural heritage from the bottom up: the case of the town of Bustehrad  
Karolína Pauknerová (Charles University) Jiří Woitsch (Czech Academy of Sciences)

Paper short abstract:

The paper presents an analysis of production of social and landscape memory. Using the case study of Bustehrad and its two versions of an educational trail, the paper shows transformations of the meaning of the local landscape over the last 20 years.

Paper long abstract:

The paper focuses on the production of social and landscape memory, or in the terms of Samuel Merrill it is a study of mnemonic structures and mnemonic actors (Networked Remembrance, 2017, p. 32-33) in the town of Bustehrad. The presented analysis is based on interviews with local actors, content of the educational trail panels and additional materials related to the trail (leaflet and brochure).

The case study of Bustehrad, a small town near Prague, shows transformation of the meaning of landscape in two versions of a local educational trail: the original one from 2002 and the renewed one from 2018. The trail connects the centre of the town with the local museum, devoted to Ota Pavel, a writer and journalist, and the history of Bustehrad. Before 2018, the museum changed its location, and that is why the trail had to be prolonged. The old version of the trail was namely focused on the medieval castle of Bustehrad. The new prolonged version added topics connected with modern history of the Bustehrad region. Some of the new topics were specially researched for the trail. The trail as well as the museum were founded and are run by the local citizens' association Bustehrad Sobe. The paper shows transformations of the meaning of the local landscape over the last 20 years.

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