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Through the lens of affect and emotion: exploring the potentials [SIEF Working Group on Body, Affects, Senses, and Emotions (BASE)] 
Kerstin Pfeiffer (Heriot-Watt University)
Jonas Frykman (Lund University)
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Body, Affects, Senses, Emotions
Aula 1
Monday 15 April, -, -
Time zone: Europe/Madrid

Short Abstract:

This panel explores the creative potential and the challenges of approaching different types of ethnographic and folkloristic material through the lens of affect and emotion for existing fields of research and our understanding of phenomena related to the body and the senses.

Long Abstract:

Ethnologists and folklorists employ a range of perspectives when probing different aspects of socio-cultural phenomena related to the body, affects, senses and emotions. Rather than constituting a field in its own right, their research engages with and enriches established research areas. This panel will continue to explore the creative potential the perspective has brought to research areas discussed at previous BASE working group meetings, like migration, sports, material culture, religious practices, theatrical performances, music, dwelling, and so on. What are the most rewarding outcomes? In how far are they innovative in the context of a particular research field? How do they fill the gaps in the existent understandings of particular phenomena, notably those engaging body and senses? Which difficulties do researchers encounter when trying to apply this lens to the existent ethnographic and folkloristic data? In what way does it change the ways we engage in ethnographic work and does it allow for establishment of novel fieldwork-based epistemologies?

We welcome proposals for papers that deal with historical and contemporary materials, old and new topics, original fieldwork or archival material. However, by clearly addressing the questions noted above, the papers should focus on exploring the creative potential - as well as the challenges - presented by the lens of affect and emotion.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Monday 15 April, 2019, -