Towards an aesthetics of dwelling 
Férdia Stone-Davis (The Crick Centre, University of Sheffield/King's College, London)
Lillis Ó Laoire (NUI Galway)
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Bodies, Affects, Senses, Emotions
VG 4.106
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29 March, 2017 at 8:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

The panel explores an aesthetics of dwelling in relation to hospitality, focusing on the balance of proximity and distance across cultural frames and considering the relationship between ideas and bodily existence, tradition and novelty, and movement between bodies, ideas and cultural expressions.

Long Abstract

We inhale the world and we breathe out meaning" (Rushdie 1996). Just as certain sounds, gestures, and expressions are hospitable to certain forms of meaning so are songs, musics, stories, and aesthetics. They are embedded in different worlds and in different ways of being in the world; hospitality is a fluid, multidirectional dynamic.

Philosophical concerns deriving from the mainstream western tradition tend to separate ideas such as hospitality from aesthetics, preferring, in a Kantian sense, a distanced appeal to objectivity. Arguably, however, distanciation is balanced by the desire for appropriation; an aesthetics of dwelling would include such a balance. This panel discusses ideas of an aesthetics of dwelling by inscribing the body as a creator, a breather of meaning, in a linkage that acknowledges our existence as beings of thought, as thinkers of being. The study of folklore and popular culture contributes to this in a major way, revealing deeply ingrained human concepts of the aesthetic that continue to persist across cultures and that are everywhere present in contemporary mediascapes.

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