Traumatic narratives of losing home 
Kirsi Laurén (University of Eastern Finland)
Tiiu Jaago (University of Tartu)
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VG 3.101
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29 March, 2017 at 8:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Home is a meaningful place for everyone. All the more traumatic is to be forced to leave home as a consequence of war, violence, natural disaster, political or social disorder and lack of work. This panel investigates how narrating deals with the loss of home.

Long Abstract

Home is a meaningful and emotionally important place for everyone. It is usually shared with relatives or close friends with whom it is possible to feel safe and relaxed. Being forced to leave home in consequence of war, natural

disaster, political or social disorder or as a result of economic upheaval creates trauma. The ways of dwelling changes dramatically when hostile forces attack one's country and occupy it. Sometimes homes have to be left because of physical or mental violence at home caused by the very people one is close to by birth or marriage.

This panel solicits papers that explore the intertwining of trauma and narration surrounding the loss of home. Open to different narrative genres and media of narration (oral, written, digital, etc.), we hope to discuss how narratives address the loss of home. In addition to diverse kinds of trauma, we are interested in how narrating is employed to bring different kinds of traumatic home-loss circumstances into the open. How do such stories handle questions of guilt, perpetration, and victimhood? How is individual experience linked to discourses of cultural trauma? Who is entitled or emboldened to narrate traumatic events of home less and who remains silent? Are there acceptable and muted traumas?

Accepted papers: