Images and the imaginary of Home: analysing pictures and visual culture in times of securitization and domopolitics 
Alexandra Schwell (University of Klagenfurt)
Maria Schwertl (LMU (University of Munich))
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VG 3.104
Start time:
29 March, 2017 at 8:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This panel aims at bringing together researchers who work in the realm of visual culture, images and imaginaries within contexts of securitization and domopolitics. We seek to discuss what visual analysis adds to the study of securitizing, governing and perceiving the state as a home (domopolitics).

Long Abstract

Home - "Heimat" - has been a crucial object of analysis for ethnology since the outset. In light of the recent political events, such as the European border crisis and the recent upsurge in right-wing populist movements all over Europe, "home" has become prominent again when it comes to the securitized topical triad of migration, terrorism and organized crime. In 2004, William Walters described the "equation between enhanced immigration and asylum controls and an improved sense of citizenship and community within society" as domopolitics, i.e. governing the state like a home. Domopolitics, processes of othering and securitization of migration are strongly linked to images and imaginaries. Yet the "emotional optics" of securitization and domopolitics have only recently been picked up methodologically in Critical Security Studies. This panel seeks therefore to fruitfully link visual culture analysis with an anthropology of security.

We welcome proposals for papers on any of the following areas, although this list is merely indicative and by no means exhaustive:

- how do actors visually securitize borders, migration and citizenship? How do actors produce, defend and create visions of secure borders, the state as a home, belonging and non-belonging (in their day to day work)?

- how do political, state and non-state actors play a vital role in creating and institutionalizing such imaginaries?

- the interplay of images, emotions and securitization

With this panel, we do not want to stop at the picture or the movie, but conceptualized them as parts of a complex network of domopolitics and securitization.

Accepted papers: