Dwelling in musical movement: making a home both in and through music 
Birgit Abels (Georg August University Göttingen)
Barbara Titus (Universiteit van Amsterdam)
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Bodies, Affects, Senses, Emotions
VG 4.105
Start time:
27 March, 2017 at 8:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Music imbues familiarization and comfort in specific places, and the meaningfulness of sound via the lived experience builds a sense of home—that is, until the music fades. Therefore, we will explore the various ways not only in which music allows us to dwell but in which we dwell in music.

Long Abstract

Music is more than a representational practice; it is a mode of knowledge that helps people constitute places, especially as their own. Specific music-making practices do not simply endow a place with meaning. Rather, these places only come into existence as home through their meaningfulness, which resonates with belonging for as long as the music sounds. Music enables the fleeting experience of this meaningfulness. While we can dwell musically, we can also dwell in music. Because we actively make sense of time and space through music, both of these types of dwelling are facets of the complex experience we call home.

In this panel, we will bring together colleagues who are exploring different aspects of home-making practices through various musics around the world. What constitutes a musical home? How do we inhabit places musically? How does music carve out a sense of home from both time and space? Does it perhaps engender a time-space of its own? What concepts and tools are helping us to better understand these processes?

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