Migration and transition: utopian imaginaries on the move 
Yaatsil Guevara Gonzalez (Bielefeld University)
Start time:
24 June, 2015 at 10:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

This panel discusses diverse contexts in which migrants' experiences, memories, utopias and imaginaries are developed. It aims also to analyze the processes that are created around migratory transition.

Long Abstract:

A current reality is that forced migration, displacement and migration are processes that navigate between violent, volatile and diffuse spaces. This panel discusses migrant's experiences during their transit, asylum seekers and diasporic movements from an ethnographical approach. To migrate and "being on the move" involves many complexities and multiple dynamics of social interaction with various actors and agents. Not only going from origin to destination, but also living the in between. In these spaces "in between" (Bhabha, 1994), more complex processes are conceived. Migrants have to cross borderlands and countries but also symbolic and immaterial boundaries which are mostly, full of violence and transgressions. It is also important to analyze how spaces unstable, volatile and insecure environments could build solidarity or commonality and even emotional ties or materials links often reflected in the idealization of the place of origin or destination.

This panel addresses issues related to what are the structural and personal conditions behind transitory stages of migration and the meanings of such stages within migration processes; as well as presenting examples about migrants' living experiences following of forced displacement, utopias around migration, everyday life of asylum seekers and the limbic time /space of ​​migration and their intersections.

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