The multifaceted ritual 
Carsten Bregenhøj
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24 June, 2015 at 10:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

Rites and rituals are part of both festive and everyday occassions. It may span from the complex religious practice - involving coreography, acts and hymns - to the everyday (apparently profane) handshake. We here present multiple views on rituals and ritualizing.

Long Abstract

Through heritage and utopia - imaginary pasts and futures - we are interpreting our existence and forming our actions in our day-to-day realities. The places and content of the research presented follow below.

History and development

01. N. Golant: Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Vlachs of different states celebrate certain customs differently.

02. C. Bregenhøj: Denmark, Jan. 5, Epiphany maskers; Carnival - historic inspiration from Venice.

03. V. Petreska: Macedonia, Jan. 19, Orthodox Epiphany - maskers, festival, context, presentation.


Modern rituals

04. L. Vesik: Estonia, Feb. 14, variations in the Anglo-American Valentine tradition 1980-2015.

05. I. Nedin: Bulgaria, first vine stem cutting in Ilindentzi village turned into a festival.

06. A. Kuperjanov: Estonia, new religious group constructs its rituals.


Individual involvement and change

07. M. Magoulick: USA, MI, Native American woman undermining male authority concerning rituals.

08. J. Zamorska: Mexico, Oaxaca Valley, female involvment changes local festivity and social pattern.

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