Utopias, Realities, Heritages: ethnographies for the 21st century [Congress poster session]
Marijana Belaj (University of Zagreb)
Tomislav Oroz (University of Zadar)
Workshops, films and posters

Short abstract:

This general poster session invites students and scholars to present their research results centered on the congress theme of "Utopias, Realities, Heritages: Ethnographies for the 21st century" , its theoretical implications and practical consequences in visually appealing and conclusive posters.

Long abstract:

Contributors of posters should be present at the posters's display (at times to be announced) in order to give further information and to receive feedback in discussions with colleagues. It is strongly suggested to keep the word count as low as 1000 words to achieve best readability. The focus should lie on the visualisation of the presented work and its results. The posters should be no larger than A2.