Is there a sense of community uniting anthropology, ethnology and folklore today? (World Council of Anthropological Associations panel)
Vesna Vucinic-Neskovic (University of Belgrade)
Klaus Roth (Institut für Volkskunde/European Ethnology)
Disciplinary discussions
Start time:
22 June, 2015 at 10:30
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Short abstract:

Based on the recognition that there are historical overlaps and common current concerns between anthropology, ethnology, and folklore, the panel will examine whether there is communality between them in various spheres of professional practice as well as in sharing a common disciplinary identity.

Long abstract:

In this panel, we would like to examine whether there is a sense of community among anthropologists, ethnologists, and folklorists today. Based on the recognition that there are historical overlaps and common current concerns between these disciplines, this question would assume multiple layers of communality in professional practice. First, it would assume active communication within institutional, national, and trans-national settings, such as partnership in common educational and research projects, organization of conferences where research results are shared, and engaging in critical public discussion of existing and novel thematic, methodological, and theoretical trends. Second, it would assume a feeling of involvement in and concern for one's local or sub-disciplinary community, and for the anthropological, ethnological, and folkorist community as a whole. This would include articulation of its interests and problems, thus engaging in actions towards promoting but also defending the discipline once its existence is challenged. In the end, we can ask whether there is a common disciplinary identity and agreement on what values and assets anthropology, ethnology, and folklore should never give up, but also to what extent they should open up to other disciplines and transform in order to survive in the increasingly complex and challenging political, economic, educational, and scientific local and global environment.