Queer ethnographies of the 21st century: heritages, realities, and perspectives 
Peter Hoerz (Hochschule Esslingen)
Marcus Richter
Gender and sexuality, media and the visual arts
Start time:
24 June, 2015 at 10:30 (UTC+0)
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Short Abstract:

While Ethnology's discovery of queer theory lead to new insights into gender issues, the study of queer issues and the critical study of sexuality largely remains an uncultivated field. The panel addresses recent researches on sexualities and 'queer' issues and perspectives for queer ethnographies.

Long Abstract:

Since European Ethnology has discovered post-structuralist critical queer theory, the study of gender issues has developed quantitatively and qualitatively. Moreover, gender has become a cross-cutting topic in many fields of ethnographic research, and 'intersectionality' is discussed in historical and present focused research. The study of 'queerness', the study of gay and lesbian issues, as well as the critical study of sexuality in general, however, has largely remained a phenomenon of minorities. At the same time, the potential of queer theory for the unmasking of the heteronormativity within social and cultural formations has not been fully opened up yet.

Following the conference theme almost literally, the panel aims to discuss heritages, realities, and perspectives of what could be called 'queer ethnographies'. Therefore, the panel calls for papers based on recent research, on gay and lesbian issues and sexualities, on (theoretical) perspectives of queer ethnographies, and on critical inventories of what we have inherited from earlier generations of folklorists and ethnologists.

Accepted papers: