Sound programme: "Utopic Dystopias: Dystopic Utopias" [Workshop]
Carlo Cubero (Tallinn University)
Marje Ermel (Estonian Institute of Humanities, Tallinn University)
Workshops, films and posters
Library conference hall
Start time:
24 June, 2015 at 10:30
Session slots:

Short abstract:

This programme features sound works that, through their content and form, address utopian and dystopian affects and concepts. The session will explore authored sound works in order to consider how the author and listener simultaneously perceive and design new sonic places and temporalities.

Long abstract:

This session features sound works that, through their content and form, engage with the dialectics of utopia and dystopia. Through the presentation of sound works and discussion with their authors, the session explores the nature of sound and the role of sound recordists in the process of articulating utopia and dystopia through sonic ethnographies. The discussion will critique conceptualisations of sound as an object of nature that can be apprehended and reconstructed through value-free methodologies. The session is particularly interested in coming to terms with the different levels that are simultaneously elicited in practises of listening, designing, and presentation of sonic works. The session will address sound recording and listening as skilled practises, which are simultaneously enacted in the apprehension of sonic experiences. The session will value the diverse methodologies, complex circumstances, and multiple mediations that result in the production of sound works. This renders the sonic-ethnography as an authored narrativisation of an empirical experience, in opposition to an articulation of transcendent principles, which ascribe conceptual causes to the unfolding of life. The session will also invite listeners to engage with the piece and immerse themselves in the sonic moment. In this context, the listener and designer are mutually implicated in the creation of the sonic experience. We accept proposals of 15 minute (max.) sound works to be followed by a 5 minute discussion. Proposals should consist of an abstract and, preferably, a link to the sound work.