Community supported agriculture and its "relatives": new treaties between food producers and food consumers, or just utopia?
Roman Lenz (University of Applied Sciences)
Peter Volz (Research institution Die Agronauten)
Start time:
22 June, 2015 at 10:30
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Short abstract:

Community Supported Agriculture and other forms of joint agriculture between farmers and citizens are a fast growing area. It ranges from ordering seasonal as well as regional food from surrounding farms and using new distribution services, and goes far as to citizen farming activities.

Long abstract:

Cooperation as well as education in food issues are in a miserable situation. All forms of social farming as cooperation between producers and consumers could help, but need best pracice examples and well elaborated concepts. In this panel we like to present and discuss approaches, which e. g. use Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) or other (Urban) Gardening and collaboration concepts e.g. citican share holders for regional supply networks etc.. Besides clear contracts between producer/farmer and consumer/citizen in various forms, also the number of members in non-governmental organizations like Slow Food are increasing, and give additional evidence that agriculture and its products as well as services should come closer to the society and vice versa! We explicitly welcome researchers as well as practitioners working on farming, nutrition and education also in a broader more contextual perspective. We want to highlight, what could be a basis for sustainable treaties between producers and consumers, and what could remain Utopian - but might still stimulate the new development processes!