Accepted Paper:

I'm not from here, nor from there: permanently re-circulating  


Jordi Roca (Universitat Rovira i Virgili)

Paper short abstract:

The proposal is focused on Spanish men married to Brazilian women who live alternatively in Spain and Brazil. Adaptation strategies to each location and the influence on identity will be discussed.

Paper long abstract:

The facility and consequent growth of international mobility experienced in the last two decades together with the new geopolicy that emerges in the current crisis context are modifying the direction and modalities of migratory processes.

This has allowed the incorporation of new terminology, such as Brain Exchange (brain gain and brain drain), Brain waste or Brain circulation, in an attempt to conceptualize these changes. Our proposal will be focused on a kind of mobility that supposes a recent and scarcely studied modality. People that generally due to work-related reasons, although frequently associated with other variables (sentimental, familiar, etc); live alternatively in two different countries. They are more than migrants and re-migrants, since their circulation is permanent. Their specific problematic goes beyond a closed process -with a beginning and an end- of re-defining their position, to become a continuous and/or periodically repeated process in two different locations in relation to strategies, behavior, and practices aimed at integration and adaptation to each context. The intention is to present, from a case study of couples formed by a Spanish man and a Brazilian woman, the strategies displayed, the perceptions generated in each country, and how the permanent circulation between two different countries influences both identity formation and the nature of interchange; and to discuss the re-definition, in this case, of the concept of trasnationalism.

Panel P55
Mobilities and marginalities