Accepted Paper:

"Here I choose you to be my love(r)": young boys and girls in the circle of communication in front of the church  
Kinga Gaspar (Pázmány Péter Catholic University Faculty of Humanities)

Paper short abstract:

During my fieldwork in Transylvania I have experienced for several times the custom of young people in the village to form a circle after religious feasts in front of the church. Their communication in this circle is strongly related to the initiation of dating ceremonies they practice.

Paper long abstract:

This circle of communication there is a very important system of codes: it is important how they look at each other, on what position they stand and who they talk to. I also use terms and methods of semiotics and social psychology in my analysis. The system of communication between young boys and girls tending to pick a partner differs according to the place they stand.

The paper would focus on the analysis of this communication and the very important territorial aspects of this communication.

Panel P230
Ritual places through the ritual year II