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Sustainable homemaking: echoes from the past, and contemporary challenges I 
Lizette Gradén (Lund University)
Jessica Enevold (Lund University)
Eleonora Narvselius (Lund University)
Tom O'Dell (Lund University)
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Room H-204
Thursday 16 June, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This panel revisits the topic of homemaking against the background of current socio-cultural conditions and through the optics of the ongoing debates about sustainability, heritage, and home in ethnology, anthropology, folkloristics, critical heritage studies, and memory studies.

Long Abstract:

In many representative domains, particularly the cultural heritage sector, re-conceptualizations of domesticity detectable in changed approaches to planning, design, and presentations of the home have been a focus of discussion for a long time. The dominant cultural discourses that tend to view the home as a singular space, located in one place and time, clearly gendered and beyond the reach of big politics, have been challenged multiple times.

This panel revisits these topics against the background of the current socio-cultural conditions and through the optics of the current debates about home in ethnology, folklore, anthropology, critical heritage studies, and memory studies.

In a time in which sustainability issues are of extreme importance, how are homes being pulled together in new ways to address sustainability challenges, and how do conceptions of identity and heritage inform the choices people make as they get on with the business of homemaking?

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Thursday 16 June, 2022, -