Accepted Contribution:

Envisioning planetary futures - a visual essay  
Mariagiulia Grassilli (University of Sussex)

Contribution short abstract:

Different cosmologies, ideologies and aesthetics are framed through poetic visuals by eco-visionaries, contemporary artists and indigenous futuristic media.

Contribution long abstract:

A sensory, sonic, visual experience will reflect on the violence, love and urgency that nature embraces in the here now - where glaciers are melting fast, seas are rising, global warming and fire engulf our earth. And yet there is still not enough awareness, understanding, embracing of the near threat of extinction of our ecosystem.

Whilst challenging the yet too ineffective governmental action, this visual poem recognizes the ways in which artistic experimental visual practice engages with political ecology, provoking and challenging the indifference that still surrounds environmental threats. The visual politics of climate refugees, cinematic entanglements of environment and ecology, collective performances, indigenous futurist media, among others, are connected through visual threads, as a homage and tribute to the relentless struggle of earth defenders and our ability to envision positive planetary futures nevertheless.

Here, a visual journey across the multiple creative ways in which artists, activists, indigenous people, filmmakers and communities across the world represent the current challenges of climate change, environmental disasters and alternative planetary futures.

Partner Event E02a
University of Sussex: Envisioning planetary futures through ethnography and multiple media
  Session 1 Wednesday 8 March, 2023, -