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University of Bristol: Reel Time: Colonial Film Imaginaries and 21st Century Futures 
Jacqueline Maingard (University of Bristol)
Emma Sandon (Birkbeck)
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Friday 10 March, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This panel invites contributions from film scholars, researchers, artists, archivists and creative practitioners, who are researching and working with colonial film, to investigate colonial film imaginaries and to consider critical propositions through film towards 21st century counter-futures.

Long Abstract:

This panel takes 'colonial film' as its primary subject, based on a broad definition of 'colonial film' - filmed in the colonies of Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, and incorporating a variety of modes or forms that include documentary, instructional and educational film, ethnographic film, domestic home movies and 'amateur' films, missionary and medical films, in the 20th century. The panel investigates a) the imaginaries that colonial films project; the colonial futures their makers sought, produced and indeed celebrated; what the shape of these were and their continuities in the present. It also considers b) critical propositions and interventions that we might seek to evoke in the present day through film and the moving image, towards 21st century counter-futures. We invite contributions from film and audio-visual scholars, researchers and artists, archivists and creative practitioners, who are researching and working with colonial film. Questions we hope to discuss include: how does colonial film and how do colonial film's projections represent colonial histories of the 20th century? what contours of the relations between colonised and coloniser are evident? how are human lives envisioned? how are the traces, tracks and trails of modernity represented? how is the wide range of extraction of the colonial period conveyed? Looking to 'reel time' in the present, how do scholars and artists engage the medium of film to re-draft the legacies of colonial histories? how can and how do film and the moving image project and shape transformative 21st century futures?

Accepted contributions:

Session 1 Friday 10 March, 2023, -
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