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Thinking with Water, Critters and Landscapes: Multimodal Engagements 
Darcy Alexandra (University of Bern)
Michaela Schäuble (University of Bern)
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Wednesday 8 March, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

Circumventing the debilitating, apocalyptic 'Game Over' climate scenario, this panel examines nuanced engagements with waterways, landscapes and critters where people and other living beings are 'imagining otherwise.' Examples of multi-modal and interdisciplinary research are foregrounded.

Long Abstract:

To circumvent the debilitating, apocalyptic 'Game Over' climate scenario, scholars argue for the importance of developing nuanced engagements with sites and practices where people and other living beings are 'imagining otherwise' (Dillon 2012; Gumbs 2020; Povinelli 2016). These engagements can be found at the borders of extractive capitalism (Tsing 2015; Gomez-Barris 2017), and in trans-species relations of attention and care (Haraway 2016). In particular, this panel sets its sight on practices that take the future as a horizon of possibility and make ecological connections across social and natural sciences, humanities and the arts. We are particularly interested in practices of engagement by/with environmental scientists, citizen scientists, and/or community actors employing diverse technologies to restore wildlife corridors and revitalise threatened waterways and watersheds, for example. Given that human exceptionalism and the mono-perspectivism that it often engenders can produce inadequate knowledge practices, we do not limit the narratives and imaginaries of future scenarios to human actors alone; rather, we propose that landscape itself can be conceptualised as both a material archive of predatory exploitation and industrial debris as well as a protagonist, a character in this process. We invite presentations that examine regenerative environmental and cultural practices building from film, animation, poetry, drawing and graphic ethnography.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Wednesday 8 March, 2023, -
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