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Fake, (mis)trust, and visual evidence: reassessing the ethics of image-making, reception and circulation in the age of IA, post-truth and possible futures. 
Roger Canals (University of Barcelona)
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Catarina Alves Costa (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)
Wednesday 8 March, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

How do people relate with and through visual deception or visual falsity? How is the "authenticity" of images assessed? This panel welcomes presentations based on ethnographies of visual fake and image-reliability, which may contribute to imagine a future anthropology of visual (mis)trust.

Long Abstract:

What is a "false image"? This question is as old as images themselves and is present in diverse yet highly interconnected social domains (religion, science, art, journalism...)..

Yet in recent years, this question has acquired new importance. First, because of the alleged loss of objective patterns for assessing the truthfulness, accountability and reliability of the information we receive about the world, including images -what is usually known as "Post-truth". Second, due the emergence of a new regimes of images whose trustworthiness seems difficult to assess only the basis of aesthetic criteria. This is the case of deep-fakes, IA realistic "photographs" or anticipatory images (that is, images "showing" how the future may look like), among many others.

But how do people engage with the uncertainty of images in their day-to-day life? How is the "authenticity" and "forgery" of images "crafted", "assessed" and "experienced" in specific socio-cultural milieu? How is the principle of the "visual fake" applied in the fields of religion, science, social networks, or photojournalism?

This panel welcomes presentations dealing with ethnographies of visual (mis)trust. It also invites scholars who recursively reflect upon the experimental methodologies and languages we may employ to study the ethics of contemporary and future images and to use images ethically in our fieldwork in order to establish relationships of trust with the participants in their research.

This panel is linked to the ERC-consolidator Grant "VISUAL TRUST. Reliability, accountability and forgery in scientific, religious and social images" (IP: Roger Canals).

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Wednesday 8 March, 2023, -
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