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Sedimented visions: transmedia futures across visuality, politics, and material worlds 
Geoffrey Aung (University of Vienna)
Manuela Ciotti (University of Vienna)
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Stefan Tarnowski (University of Cambridge)
Friday 10 March, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

This panel pushes transmedia studies beyond a strict focus on multi-media narratology. From metropolitan art worlds to urban landscapes and extractive infrastructures, we rethink transmedia practices as sedimented visions: historically layered, yet demonstrably forward-looking.

Long Abstract:

Examining the intersection of visual cultures, political struggle, and material worlds, this panel pushes transmedia studies beyond a strict focus on multi-media narratology. It brings together long-term research on metropolitan art worlds, changing built environments in the Global South, and the aesthetics and politics of extractive infrastructures. Distributed across these multiple settings—from the changing European metropole to the retro-modern postcolony, from dense urban landscapes to rural extractive frontiers—the panel reconsiders transmediality. We attend to transmedia practices that we conceptualize as sedimented visions: at once historically layered, yet also future-oriented. Whether addressing subaltern portraiture on social media, Romani artists reclaiming social futures, cement's social and material lives in contemporary Dakar, or Myanmar insurgents mapping pipelines and trade corridors, we find practices that present, while sometimes troubling, racialized imperial debris. At issue are ongoing ruinations of improvement, extraction, and abjection, as well as the alternative lifeworlds and imaginaries those ruinations so often provoke. At the same time, then, the practices that interest us tend also to be demonstrably forward-looking. We invite contributions, for instance, that might address how struggles against extraction take the form of collective self-fashioning; how artists strive to imagine and bring into being decolonial futures; and how urban residents anticipate a sociality that is more than a mirror of their concrete environs. At the crossroads of visual, political, and material cultural forms, we present transmedia practices that envision social worlds yet to come.

Accepted papers:

Session 1 Friday 10 March, 2023, -
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