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Water security, climate crisis and environmental futures - co-creation of creative and visual practice research with indigenous and peasant communities. 
Helen Underhill (Newcastle University)
Yady Tatiana Solano Correa (University of Cauca)
Diana Ruiz (University of Cauca)
Rachael Maysels (Universidad del Cauca)
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Wednesday 8 March, -
Time zone: Europe/London

Short Abstract:

A methodologically focused session on water security, climate crisis and environmental futures in relation to creative and visual practice research with indigenous and peasant communities, inviting participants to reflect on methodological, ethical and practical aspects of their own research.

Long Abstract:

Workshop Objective: To advance thinking about creative research methods which emerge from community problem identification that fosters more participatory approaches

Intro: 5-minute provocation from Colombian and UK case studies sharing experience with different creative research methods

Activity: Guided development to identify and explore methods, crowd-sourcing ideas from existing experiences across disciplines and geographies. Working with the following discussion prompts:

1) How do you initiate work with communities and other actors?

2) How do you involve communities in your research? Are they joint actors? Participants? Objects?

3) What methods do you currently use when working with actors?

4) How do you plan for the realities that you encounter in the research process? Ex. changes in timelines (institution vs. reality), lived realities, low participation, rejection of research, disputes and conflicts, ethical considerations, finances, etc.

5) What methods could you explore in your research, taking into account the problem and the realities which the actors you work with face?

For attendees: Please bring a problem that the actors you work with face (whether it is institutional, community, organizational, or governmental actors) to share with the group and use as a base to identify creative methods.

We invite you to think through the above questions in advance of the session, and bring images, stories and problems to share in the session.

Workshop Video visible to paid-up delegates