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Between academic theory-building and social engagement: Discussing creative workshops and participatory video making 
Henrike Neuhaus (NRI, University of Greenwich)
Yanina Carpentieri
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24 March, 2021 at
Time zone: Europe/London
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Short Abstract:

This roundtable reflects how to balance academic theory-building and social engagement by discussing audio-visual projects that have been produced in contexts of participatory video-making.

Long Abstract:

This roundtable seeks to discuss film workshops and projects that aim to build bridges between academic engagement and youth work, social work, education and activism. Workshop interventions and participatory video making are inter alia approaches that strike a balance between academic theory-building and social engagement. We aim to provide a platform to showcase projects that foster a mutual commitment and where the boundaries of academic knowledge appropriation and public engagement are blurred. What are the possibilities and what limitations exist?

We draw on an example of the "Feria UNSAM" a science fair and film festival for pupils. It is a space that encourages exchanges in between schooling and academic communities through engaging activities of schoolteachers, pupils, students and researchers. The aim is to present one collectively planned and realised audio-visual or creative output that demonstrates critical thinking and creativity. The academic personnel guides and support the participants' processes at all stages. The audio-visual results often address and reflect the normalised and invisibilised crisis of everyday life like discrimination, poverty, gender violence and trauma. In the afterlife of the exhibition on campus, the filmmakers may be invited to conferences to speak about the film and discuss the presented topics in person. Engaging creatively with the pandemic the whole project continues online.

This roundtable invites to discuss audio-visuals that have been produced in the context of a participatory project and talk about their life courses. We welcome scholars who apply participatory methods and plan (if feasible) their contribution together with research participants.


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