Accepted Paper:

Participatory video done remotely using smartphones: reflections from women participants in Medellin.  
Sonja Marzi (London School of Economics and Political Science) Michele De Laurentiis (Spectacle) Maria Fernanda Carrillo Sanchez (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM)) Lina Zuluaga (Universidad de Antioquia) Mark Saunders (Spectacle)

Paper short abstract:

We collaboratively reflect with the project's participants on the process of filming and editing a participatory film remotely and online. The design of the remote participatory video was developed as a response to the C-19 pandemic using women's smartphones.

Paper long abstract:

In this session we collaboratively reflect with the project's participants on the process of filming and editing an innovative participatory video conducted remotely. The project called: 'Reinventada: the realities of women in Medellin during the pandemic', led by Dr Sonja Marzi and funded by an LSE Knowledge Exchange and Impact fund, explores the impact of the 2020 pandemic on women's everyday lives in Medellin. In collaboration with the women, who live in disadvantaged neighbourhoods in the city, we developed a pioneering remote participatory video process using women's smartphones to film and edit videos collaboratively. We trained the participants on how to best use web platforms and available technology, setting up weekly online meetings for workshops on filming techniques and how best to use their smartphones, to film, discuss film content and to edit the final documentary together. The majority of women who participated only had limited or no technological knowledge and filming experience or skills. Collaboratively with the women who participated in the project in Medellin we will discuss how they felt during the filming and editing activities and let them reflect on the advantages and disadvantages of making a film to communicate their realities in Medellin during the pandemic, while at the same time becoming proficient in filming with their smartphones, sending data and joining online workshops.

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Panel P25
Between academic theory-building and social engagement: Discussing creative workshops and participatory video making
  Session 1