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Encountering reality as crisis: documentary, ethnographic media and education 
Toma Peiu (University of Colorado Boulder)
Luiza Parvu (Arizona State University)
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Panel Discussion
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20 March, 2021 at
Time zone: Europe/London
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Short Abstract:

Documentary and ethnographic media have gained visibility in university curricula across the humanities, arts and social sciences. They are often employed by complex or educators to discuss ways of looking at reality. How do they help us build robust conversations in an academic setting?

Long Abstract:

This panel will be discussing the uses of documentary and ethnographic media in the undergraduate and graduate classroom, as ways to mediate complex social conversations through the poetics of non-fiction. Highlighting case studies from specific syllabi, methods and outcomes shared by educators, ethnographers and documentary media makers, this panel will reveal the dialectics, difficulties and often high stakes of teaching with and about documentary and ethnographic media, in the current global context of hyper-mediation, crisis and uncertainty.

Presentations in this panel discuss discuss uses of documentary in interdisciplinary education, and original approaches to and experience with employing documentary and ethnographic media in foundational or elective university coursework.

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